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Welcome to Cat's Home Cooking & Catering. I love food and have always believed that food brings people together. Food tells a story. Food brings back memories of our childhood, birthdays, weddings, reunions or just the Sunday backyard barbecue. Unfortunately in this busy day and age, we just do not have the time to cook for friends and family like we use to. That is where I come in. Whether you want just a simple home cooked meal  after work or you want to give a party for friends and family, let me do the work for you. I offer my services to you as a personal chef or as a caterer at reasonable prices.

Services are only offered for Owensboro, Henderson and surrounding counties in Kentucky, and Evansville, Rockport, Tell City & Troy in Indiana at this time.

My name is Catherine Keller. I live in Owensboro, Kentucky. I am a mother and wife. I have teenage kids that keep me busy but I have a home cooked meal every night. I feel like it gives my family time to talk about how our day was. I feel it is important for us all. I am mainly a self taught cook. Learning from my Mom and Grandmother. Who better to learn from? I completed my Gourmet' Cooking & Catering Certificate in 2005 from PCDI. I like to cook food that is simple but can look like it took a lot of time. After all we eat with our eyes first. Simple, fresh ingredients is key to good food, fancy or simple. 
Look around and let me know what you think. Suggestions for improvements are welcome. Check out the Contact Us tab if you would like a home cooked meal that you did not have to cook yourself.

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